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EduTravel for Credit is a Canadian tour provider.  Their programs provide students with the opportunity to travel locally and internationally while earning a wide variety of secondary school credits.

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UX Design

UX Research


The current website is fun and informative, however the flow and navigation are complicated and contain too many steps and variances.  

Redesign EduTravel for Credit website and create a better experience for the core user by simplifying the content hierarchy, navigation flow and item accessibility. 


All this while reflecting the aesthetics and philosophies of their consumers and ultimately increasing the customer conversion rate and overall online bookings — specifically ; A Home, About, Programs and Course page.

Create a new navigation menu design.

Narrow down the design language to address the needs of our target audience.

Provide users with more direct access to relevant information.

We found that the target user cared most about the educational advancement goals, curriculum info and course destinations.

Our research targeted high school students and their parents. From this research we confirmed the parents were the key decision makers while the students were more the encouragers and information sharers.  This led us to focus the design on being visually attractive for the students and informational and easy to use for the parents.

Once upon a time...

EduTravel_User Journey (1).png
EduTravel_User Journey  (2).png



EduTravel_User Journey  (3).png


Sara hears about EduTravel via another mom.

EduTravel_User Journey  (4).png


Sara and her daughter take a look at the website.

"I want my daughter to earn credits during the summer so that I can keep her ahead of the curve in the competitive educational landscape."

Sara digs deeper on the details of booking a course.

EduTravel_User Journey  (5).png
EduTravel_User Journey  (6).png



Sara calls her husband to talk the decision over.

Sara sits down on the couch and books the course.

Sara's daughter is excited and shares the news with her friends.


Keep the kids busy during March Break

Advance their kids education and skills specifically through leadership and independence

Give their kids a fun and dynamic cultural experience

One of the design challenges was deciding how to simplify the site navigation while still keeping all essential information front and centre. 

The Design Process

Sketches, Wireframes, Desktop and Mobile HiFi's

Homepage V3.png
About Us page Mid-Fi V2.png
FIJI_Hi Fi.png
HI FI_Homepage.png
HI FI_Program page.png

The next challenge was figuring out if our design actually achieved what was inteneded.  Prototype & Test.


To observe if the website assists the user in gaining more knowledge about specific programs.


You heard about the Biology in Fiji program from a friend and want to find out more about it.  Go to the EduTravel website and search for Biology in Fiji.


Easy to find program info via multiple paths such as the Home page, Top Level Navigation and program pages. Good presentation and organization of essential information

Now that we confirmed what works, we moved on to producing a Minimum Viable Product.

Home Page 

We tackled our initial challenge. by simplifying the navigation and showcasing the most important information directly on the home page. 

EduTravel Homepage.png

About Us

The About Us page directly tackled the issue of trust that many users had with these types of organizations.

Information on EduTravel was cleanly laid out and easy to access.


Via our research, we identified which courses were most popular with users and prioritized them visually.


Course selections can be narrowed down via the drop down filters. These filters are based on the criteria the user finds more relevant in making their decisions.


Our colours and visual design elements established the branding and identity creating the right mood for the user.

The design needed to showcase a feeling of fun, excitement, freedom and professionalism.  The mood and branding needed to reflect this spirit to the user. From the imagery and colours to the shapes and fonts, we developed the project to be in line with the core elements of the brand identity.


We set out to achieve the goal of creating a responsive website that would showcase the experiences EduTravel was offering.  Through research we narrowed down what, why and how our user interacted with the product.  Through design we implemented this knowledge and created a fun, attractive, and informative product.

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